Tuesday , 30 November 2021
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Important Notice From Shell Island Regarding Covid-19




Shell Island Fish Camp Motel & Marina’s housekeeping department is diligent about keeping our rooms clean & Sanitized. We use an array of cleaning chemicals on a daily basis that kill 99.9%.

  • All surfaces are diligently wiped with Lysol.
  • Commodes are bleached & sanitized with “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Shower stalls & sinks are sanitized with Q&A cleaner,which leaves a residual barrier against germs.
  • We spray all pillows,mattresses and soft surfaces with aerosol Lysol spray, likewise all door knobs,light switches remote controls and all areas frequently touched are sprayed with Lysol.
  • All Floors are moped with Lysol
  • Bedspreads are washed on a daily basis.

We are diligent about our sanitation practices and have taken all measures to ensure our rooms are thoroughly cleaned & safely sanitized. Your health & safety is our concern. We will continue these practices regardless of a pandemic.These are our general practices to ensure the safety of our guests.

Sincerely, The Housekeeping Department

( Apryl,Rita & Sarah)

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