Our history

Shell Island Fish Camp has been a fishing, hunting, and sightseeing destination for over 70 years. Shell Island Fish Camp opened for business in the 1950s by a the member of the local Lynn family. Mr. Bo Lynn owned and operated the primitive camp both as both a fish camp and duck hunting destination. After his untimely earthly depature from a boating incident, the family sold the camp to Rufus Bullock.

The Bullock family owned the camp for a few years. It was then purchased by Alex and Gazzie Hobbs from Georgia. Alex and Gazzie built a lot of what you see here at Shell Island today, before turning it over to their capable son who was raised here on the island, Mr. Alan Hobbs. Alan and Ruthie operated it for numerous years before passing the torch to Alex's grandson, Allen's nephew Jimmy Beavis. Jimmy and his wife Sherie Beavis operated the camp until June 6th, 2021. Shell Island Fish Camp had been in the Hobbs family for three generations.

In early June of 2021, Shell Island was purchased by the Horne Family. We are a 5th and 6th generation Florida family that hopes to own and operate this magnificent piece of Old Florida for generations to come.

Day when Horne family bought Shell Island
Day of sale to the Horne Family. Pictured from left to right: Sherie & Jimmy Beavis, Jeff, Hayden, Harri, Cheryl and Hannah Horne.